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Wood & Williamson Rivers

A rainbow trout on the Williamson River
Guided Fly Fishing Trips
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The Klamath Basin offers a lot of great fly fishing opportunities. The Williamson River is the largest local river and should be thought of as the headwaters of the Klamath River. Large fish from Agency Lake enter the river each year seeking cooler water during the summer months. These lake-run fish behave much like steelhead and frequently top the 5 pound mark. The nearby Wood river is a narrow, meandering meadow stream that's just big enough for drift boats. Sinking lines techniques and summer hopper fishing are very popular here.

Dylan Woodrum is our go-to guide on the Wood and Williamson Rivers. He uses a 16 foot drift boat on both rivers. He also does jet boat trips on Agency Lake, fishing stillwater techniques in the springs.

Recent Klamath Basin Fishing Reports

Klamath Basin Fishing Image
January 13, 2023
Klamath Basin Report by Dylan Woodrum

Happy New Year from the Klamath Basin. Taking advantage of blown out rivers to write a prospectus for the Klamath Basin this summer. More than anything we are looking forward to warm summer days, bugs hatching and giant Redband swirling in the distance.Like all of Northern California and Southern Oregon we are having a great water year so far. Keep it coming- We all need it. Looking into my crystal ball, I think we can expect some high water in June on the Williamson. This is great news! Time to get out the nymphs and indicators, because the fish should be eating in the Riffles. Some of my best memories on the Williamson River have come in June with high water. I can't wait for June!!!!Yellow sallies and golden stones will be out in force all of June. We usually see our first sign of the Hex hatch by the end of the month.By July and August all of the large lake fish will have migrated into the river. Time to switch things up! We will be swinging leech and damsel patterns through the slow deep holes. It is also the time to break out the Hoppers and balanced leeches. All in all, it should be another fantastic summer in the Klamath Basin. Can't wait to get back out in the water!

Klamath Basin Fishing Image
June 30, 2022
Klamath Basin Report by Andrew Harris

This is a guest report from Rich and Kathleen who fished with Dylan the last 3 days in the Klamath Basin: "Rich and I had a great time fishing the Williamson with Dylan.  Biggest trout we both have netted.  Plus good conversation and assistance with learning  new techniques.  Totally awesome!"

Klamath Basin Fishing Image
June 9, 2022
Klamath Basin Report by Dylan Woodrum

We are off and running with our summer fishery in the Klamath Basin. We have had a wet and cold spring this year bringing much needed precipitation to the Klamath Basin. The added moistures has raised the rivers and cooled the lake. I would expect the first batch of lake fish to start their migration up the Williamson River in early July. When they first show in the river it takes them a while to shed their feeding habits established in the lake. This provides a great opportunity to hook one of these lake brutes on the swing. When the fish first show up I typically like to target fish with leeches, minnow patterns and damsels nymphs. Fished with a clear full sink intermediate line on the swing. The first two weeks of July conveniently also marks the beginning of the famed Hex hatch on the Williamson River. Just in time for the newly arrived lake fish. For the stillwater enthusiast out there, July marks the beginning of our season to  target large redband trout in Pelican Bay and Agency lake. We will use a variety of strategies to catch these picky fish; Chironomids, balanced leeches, seal buggers, minnow patterns in lowlight and caddis pupa are all used this time of year. though relatively unknown and unpressured, Upper Klamath Lake and Agencey Lake are one of the premier stillwater fisheries in the nation.  We have plenty of open dates in July or August if you want to test your skills against some of the biggest trout in the lower 48.  

Klamath Basin Photo Gallery

Guide Dylan Woodrum and guest with a Williamson River rainbow
Guide Dylan Woodrum on a day off with his son on the Williamson River
A large Williamson River rainbow.
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