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Trust Your Next Fly Fishing Trip to Us!

The guide team at Confluence Outfitters has the expertise, local knowledge and versatility to make your next fly fishing trip in northern California or southern Oregon a trip to remember! Our diverse guide staff can deliver a trip tailored to your interests on one or more of our local fisheries at any time of year.

We guide the best trout and steelhead destinations in northern California and southern Oregon. The most famous destinations include the Sacramento, Trinity, Klamath, McCloud, Fall River, and the Rogue River, but there are many more. Many of our guides have multiple decades of experience crafting great fishing experiences for their guests. Read our online reviews and I think you'll agree that our guide team is the best choice for delivering a great day on the water.

Fishing Reports

Fall River Fishing Image
June 24, 2022
Fall River Report by Mike Wright

Am spending some great time in one of my most favorite places on the planet, Fall RIver.  Fishing has been very good as the bugs and the trout are plentiful in the river.  We have been fishing a variety of techniques including dry flies, nymphing rigs, dry/dropper rigs, and stripping sinking lines and finding fish with all.  There have been pretty good bug hatches throughout the day and the the trout are hungry.  In addition, it is Hex TIme!  The Hex hatch has been pretty consistent each evening with lots of bugs around and lots of big, hungry fish ready to eat.  There is really no better time to visit Fall RIver than now.  Here's to a great summer!

Lower Sac Fishing Image
June 19, 2022
Lower Sac Report by Ben Thompson

The Lower Sac has been fishing very well lately. I have attached a few photos from recent trips. On sunny days the fishing has been great with fishing eating a lot of caddis and pmds. On rainy overcast days the fish have been eating a huge variety of flies from every major bug family. The flows are good and the fish are showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you want to fish in town or do a more scenic float down low, the Sac has a great variety of options that are all producing. 

Lower Sac Fishing Image
June 15, 2022
Lower Sac Report by Luke Geraty

For the last day on Evan and Steve's fly fishing extravaganza took place yesterday on the Lower Sac. We decided to float one of my favorite sections and since the weather man informed us that the wind was gonna be fine until 5pm, we went for it! Evan had dialed in the casting, mending, and was becoming quicker on the set. Day three gave him LOTS of opportunities to work on keeping the rod up, line tight, and fighting fish. How was the fishing, you ask? Well in the first long run, we back rowed it seven times and hooked ten fish. If that was any indication, the day was going to be great! And it was! Steve landed some absolute HOGS on some size 18 Crackback PMDs that I was sure were clippers (hatchery steelhead), but wouldn't you know... each were WILD TROUT. Slabs, man... slabs. Evan also got a really nice 20 inch 'bow that gave him a good fight. But the highlight HAD to be the double we hooked near Cottonwood Creek... it was pure chaos, as Evan's fish decided to go up river and Steve's fish decided to go down river and despite the potential for a lesson in crossed lines, we put both of those fish in the net!I've guided Steve a number of times now and we've had some great days together. But I'm not sure much could top a grandfather with his grandson hooking loads of trout. Steve's smile said it all. By the way... you'll probably notice Evan didn't smile for any of his photos. It's his calling card. After all, when Stephen Curry hits a three pointer, he doesn't have to smile. Why? Because he's been there before... and Evan held enough fish over the course of his three days that'd he'd definitely been there before! Great job, Evan! You crushed it! And thanks, Steve, for the chance to take you guys out! I had such a great time! If you are curious about whether or not you should get out and fish the Lower Sac... the answer is "Absolutely."

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