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Fly Club Page

Fly Club Presentations

Several of our guides are regulars on the fly fishing club speaker circuit. We would love to come and speak to your club. Here is a list of our current presentation topics.

Luke Geraty's Topics

  • Lower Sac: Year Round Wild Trout: Luke incorporates video in this great presentation devoted to the Lower Sacramento River. The Lower Sac is Luke's favorite fishery and most days of the year Luke can be found guiding or fishing somewhere near the Sundial Bridge in Redding. Luke's enthusiasm for this fishery is contagious. In his presentation Luke describes the various seasons, flies, and techniques that work on the Lower Sac and also discusses public access points for wading and floating.

Brian Kohlman's Topics

  • Lower Sac Trout Spey: Brian goes into detail on how to fish the Lower Sac with a trout spey rod. His presentation covers rods, lines, rigging, locations, and flies.

Andrew Harris' Topics

  • Fall River: Andrew has extensive experience guiding Fall River, California's biggest spring creek. It has consistent hatches, big fish, and cold, clear water. Andrew's presentation covers public access, hatches, and spring creek techniques for Fall River.
  • Trinity River Watershed: Andrew has guided the Trinity River since 2003. His presentation covers the entire watershed from the Trinity Alps to the confluence with the Klamath River. Andrew discusses the small stream fishing above Trinity Lake, stillwater fishing on Trinity Lake and Lewiston Lake, and steelhead fishing on the remainder of the river. He breaks the anadromous portion of the river down into several distinct sections. Andrew's presentation includes gear and techniques for both single-hand and spey casters.
  • Pit River: Andrew has hundreds of Pit River guide trips under his belt. This remote freestone river is one of the state's most productive trout fisheries. Andrew's presentation covers the river from its source to its confluence with Lake Shasta.
  • The Lower Sac without a Bobber: Believe it or not, you can catch fish on the Lower Sac on a variety of techniques that do not involve a big bobber and a ton of lead. Andrew's presentation covers dry fly, dry/dropper, streamer, swing, spey and tight-line nymphing techiques plus wading access points for this prolific trout fishery.
  • Feather River Country: This presentation features the best fisheries in the Feather River Country, including the North and Middle Forks of the Feather River and the steelhead fishing on the Lower Feather River.
  • Redding Area Fisheries: Most of California┬┤s best trout fisheries can be found within an hour┬┤s drive of the city of Redding. Andrew's presentation focuses on the Upper and Lower Sacramento River, the McCloud River, the Pit River, Hat Creek, Fall River, and the Trinity River.

Dax Messett's Topics

  • Spey Rivers - The Bucket List: This program focuses on the finest spey rivers in the world. Beautiful photos and information on the best spey rivers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
  • Year of the Nomad Angler: Follow Dax through a single calendar year to experience the most compelling angling the planet has to offer each month of the year. Fun stories and superb photography of destinations that include New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Honduras, the Bahamas, and the States.
  • Zen and the Art of Spey Casting: An entertaining and instructional presentation that discusses the true nature of speycasting and swing angling. A beginner or expert will learn something from this presentation, as well as have a laugh or two.
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