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Lost Sierra Fly Fishing Trips

Full-Day Trips
Walk/Wade: $550 for 1-2 Anglers, $700 for 3
Lake Davis: $600 for 1-2 Anglers
  • April-November

Welcome to the "Lost Sierra"! This lightly-traveled sanctuary north of the Tahoe region offers many great fishing destinations that are off the beaten path. Mike Pease is our go-to guide for this area and his primary fisheries are the Middle Fork and North Fork of the Feather River and Lake Davis. Based near Quincy, Mike is your key to unlocking some great stream and stillwater action.

The Middle Fork Feather River offers solitude and excellent fly fishing with dry flies, dry-dropper, and nymphing techniques. Depending on the location, the Middle Fork can offer a small-stream or more of a medium or big river angling experience. In general, the upper parts of the river are similar in size to the Upper Sac near Dunsmuir and offer easy to moderate wading. The middle and lower sections are larger and access can be a challenge. If you like to hike and get away from people these lower sections are for you!

The North Fork of the Feather River is a larger river similar in size to the Pit or McCloud River. It is divided into numerous reaches by PG&E hydroelectric projects. Each reach from Lake Almanor down to Lake Oroville can have great fishing for rainbow trout at certain times of year. The North Fork can be more of a "big fish" choice compared to the Middle Fork.

Mike's other main "Lost Sierra" destination is Lake Davis near the town of Portola. Mike targets both rainbow trout and smallmouth bass on this productive fishery. Lake Davis is known for its monster damselfly hatch in late June and early July. There is also a significant hex hatch on Lake Davis. Many of Mike's guests make it a two-day trip by combining a stream fishing day on one of the forks of the Feather River with a stillwater day on Lake Davis.

Lost Sierra Photo Gallery

Nymphing a deep hole on the Middle Fork
Great water for all techniques on the Middle Fork
Pocket water on the Middle Fork
Nymphing for big rainbows on the North Fork
Rainbow trout grow quickly in the productive shallows of Lake Davis
Mike guides Lake Davis from his 18ft lake boat
Lake Davis is also known for excellent smallmouth bass action
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