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Klamath River

An angler with a chrome steelhead on the Lower Klamath River
Guided Fly Fishing Day Trips
$700 for 1 or 2 anglers, 3rd angler $150 extra

The Lower Klamath River is one of California's best steelhead fisheries. We target ocean-fresh steelhead starting mid-July and ending in early November. Klamath steelhead are a mix of adult fish from 3 to 12 pounds and half-pounders, juvenile steelhead in the 12-18" size range.

We fish the Lower Klamath River Exclusively with spey rods. One of the great things about the Klamath is that you can do very well with floating lines and small traditional steelhead patterns. Some of our best fish each season come on muddlers fished on or near the surface of the water.

The Lower Klamath is a big river and jet boats are the only way to navigate it. However, think of our jet boats more as a taxi cab - we use it to get from one spot to the next. All fishing is done while wading.

Guides Gino Bernero, Randy Hamann, Dax Messett and Drew Griffith comprise our Lower Klamath River guide team. Most trips begin early in the morning with a pick-up at your hotel in Klamath. In addition to day trips, we offer 2-night and 3-night Spey Camps on the Klamath River. Our spey camp is accessible via jet boat and the camps include meals, lodging, guiding and instruction.

Klamath River Gallery

An angler plays a feisty Klamath River halfpounder
An angler hooked up in a long steelhead run
Jet Boats are the only way to go on the Lower Klamath River
A large steelhead from the Lower Klamath River
An angler with a wild steelhead on the Klamath
The Klamath is a big river with lots of great steelhead water
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