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Delta Bass Fly Fishing Trips

A smallmouth bass fooled by a surface popper on the California Delta
Morning Half-Day Trips
$500 for 1-2 Anglers
  • June-September

The California Delta is home to some excellent bass fishing throughout the summer months. From June through September, both largemouth and smallmouth bass can be caught on fly rods. The tactics mainly revolve around surface poppers, but deadly results can also be had with flies jigged below the surface. We use seven weight rods for throwing the larger topwater flies for largemouth bass and five weight rods for smallmouth.

Captain Bryce Tedford is our go-to delta expert. He loves this time of year on the delta because it's hard to beat the topwater action. Smallmouth eat small poppers and largemouth go for big frog-style poppers. When the surface action is slower, both species are usually receptive to subsurface techniques.

These trips are also one of our most popular Learn to Fly Fish options as they are a great way to introduce beginners, including children, to the sport of fly fishing. In many ways, these trips are the opposite of our Delta Striper trips, which demand strong casting skills. Bryce is confident that in just a single half-day on the delta, he can show new anglers how to cast, manage their line, and land fish. While catching fish is not guaranteed, this is a very productive destination, even for kids and other people brand new to the sport.

Lodging Recommendations

The closest place to stay when fishing the Delta is the city of Lodi. Many of our guests travel roughly one hour from the greater Bay Area or the Sacramento Area.

Delta Bass Photo Gallery

A nice California Delta largemouth bass caught on a frog popper
Delta bass are great for teaching kids how to fly fish
A delta largemouth caught on a fly
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