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Klamath Basin: , by Dylan Woodrum: Klamath Basin Fore”CAST”: 3 stars

Happy New Year from the Klamath Basin. Taking advantage of blown out rivers to write a prospectus for the Klamath Basin this summer. More than anything we are looking forward to warm summer days, bugs hatching and giant Redband swirling in the distance.

Like all of Northern California and Southern Oregon we are having a great water year so far. Keep it coming- We all need it. Looking into my crystal ball, I think we can expect some high water in June on the Williamson. This is great news! Time to get out the nymphs and indicators, because the fish should be eating in the Riffles. Some of my best memories on the Williamson River have come in June with high water. I can't wait for June!!!!

Yellow sallies and golden stones will be out in force all of June. We usually see our first sign of the Hex hatch by the end of the month.

By July and August all of the large lake fish will have migrated into the river. Time to switch things up! We will be swinging leech and damsel patterns through the slow deep holes. It is also the time to break out the Hoppers and balanced leeches.

All in all, it should be another fantastic summer in the Klamath Basin. Can't wait to get back out in the water!

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Fishing Report Image
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