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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Lower Sac Brown Soup: 1 stars

Conditions were bad... real bad. But due to the schedules, we couldn't move to another day. So we gave it our all and did our best to not get skunked. In that regard, Art and Tom were successful.

Water is super muddy on the Lower Sac, but I imagine it will bounce back pretty quick. Though we tried EVERYTHING, we only seemed to manage hooking fish on eggs and a black caddis. Didn't see a lot of bugs. Considering how muddy the river was, I'd say that the half dozen fish we managed to hook was a decent measure of some sort of success. Usually it's hard NOT to hook a dozen plus fish on the Sac, it felt like hooking ANY was above expectations. But fishing hard and keeping a positive attitude surely makes a difference... and that we did!

I'm sure the rivers around here will be back in order soon and I'm looking forward to hitting it hard this Spring. Now is a good time to be thinking about getting a day on the books because April is some of our finest fishing! Let's go!

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