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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: Tough Steelhead Fishing: 2 stars

Dar and I hit the Trinity on a cold Monday morning in search of Trinity steelhead, but the fishing was TOUGH. Dar is one of the best anglers that I have guided, so it wasn't a matter of being able to get good drifts. The fishing was just your typical steelheading, but we've been so spoiled lately it felt agonizing! Throughout the day we hooked two halfies and one adult that came unbottoned pretty quickly. But we kept at it. It wasn't until the LAST spot, at the LAST SECOND, that we found a small adult. Phew. While the fishing was slow, it was really fun talking with Dar about various fly fishing techniques and doing some different things throughout the day... like attempting to euro dork a juicy run. 

Fishing Report Image
Fishing Report Image
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