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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: A cold morning on the Trinity…: 3 stars

The day started pretty cold on the Trinity, with the temperature hovering around 27 degrees. With the weather being so cold, things were slow to start, but John and I kept at it. Did I mention that John is 91 years old? NINTEY ONE! I hope I can cast, mend, hook set, and fight fish as well as he does when I'm in my 60's, not to mention my 90's.

So while the first couple of hours were slow and the usual haunts where I get 'em didn't kick out any fish, we just kept casting, kept mending, and kept doing our best to put our flies in front of fish. Low and behold, around 10:30am, the mist finally burned off and the sun began poking out and we connected! In fact, we connected a handful of times throughout the day, landing a few adults and a few half pounders.

The flows are back to low, low, low, but the color is still pretty nice. Our top flies were stonefly imitations and small BWO nymphs (size 16 and 18). The grabs were very subtle this day, so John's quick response was definitely the ticket. When the bobber would slightly tick, he'd be on it and we'd be connected. The largest adult was around 22 inches and the others were all around 20. Nothing huge in size, but the fish all fought well and any time you connect with a steelhead, you should be happy.

Well done, John. Well done!

Fishing Report Image
Fishing Report Image
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