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Lower Sac: , by DJ Spivey: Lower Sac report by DJ Spivey: 4 stars

The lower sac has been getting a ton of water from its tributaries and from rain fall these last few weeks resulting in the lower portions to be quite colored up and high and the upper sections being great. The bugs that the trout are keying in on is beginning to change from bwos to pmds and other bugs such as stoneflies. As well the fish are eating beads in colors such as orange and a egg yolk yellow. Today had a bit of rain fall but non the less fished very well it seemed there was a flip of the switch bite around noon that made todays fishing very fun. The lower sac is an amazing river to learn how to fly fish on or put your skills to the test on some of the most beautiful and strong rainbow trout I've ever seen. I'm available for lower sac and trinity river trips!

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