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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: Steelhead Success!: 3 stars

Spent a couple days on the Trinity on a group trip chasing some steelhead and let me tell ya... brrrrrr, it's cold. Our first day was tough going and we only managed to hook a couple of small fish throughout most of the day. All of the standards odds were stacked against us given that the river was low and clear and the temps were below freezing for a decent amount of the morning. But we kept at it, brewed some coffee with the world famous Jetboil, and kept focused. Toward the end of day one we managed to hook one adult, but it came off pretty quickly. Tom and Joe gave it their all and though the fishing was tougher, we had a fun day. That's steelheading, right? Day two was much better as we were into a decent amount of half pounders (salmon were around) and got a couple decent fish. At the very last spot, Tom hooked a fish and was fighting it and then things got REALLY chaotic when Penny hooked one and went balistic! Jumps and runs and oh my goodness we were having fun and put two fish in the net! Doubles on a steelhead trip aren't very common, so we snapped a quick photo and then those fish shot back into the fast water, hopefully to be seen again. Cold weather is tough to fish in, but the rewards are infinite! 

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