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Southern Oregon: , by Steve Scow: Early November Report: 4 stars

Winding down October we did not see the weather we wanted.  As I said in previous reports this made fishing difficult.  The last week fishing has improved.  We saw an increase in the number of fish hooked up and fish landed.  While we are not seeing the number of fish in the system as last year we are seeing a bigger average class of steelhead.  Over the last week we continued to work runs over and over.  On three different sections of river we had success with steelhead brought to the net.  We are hooking fish throughout the day and have even landed some in water where you wouldn't think a fish would be hanging out.  

ODFW has started rerunning hatchery fish that have been caught in the trap.  These fish will be marked with a hole punched in a gill plate.  The locations of the rerun drops are usually not announced.  Within a few day the fish will start to spread out through the river.  

Looking into early November we have rain forecasted for 7 of the next 10 days.  This bodes well to bring the river and it tributaries up and get more fish moving.  I have caught fish throughout November and well into December.  We will also start running into Coho.  It's a short run of fish, but they are a lot of fun.  

Nymph trips and swing trips we are finding more fish.  I still have good open dates in November.  The opportunities are there for Rogue River Steelhead.  If you have questions about the Rogue or the steelhead in it, give me call.  I would love to answer your questions and book a date to take you out on the river.   

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