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Southern Oregon: , by Steve Scow: Early October: 3 stars

Fishing conditions have not been ideal the last week and looking at the weather, hard conditions will continue.  Little to no cloud cover, hot days, and lots of sun.  Forecast for the next 10 days is in the high eighties.  Cool mornings in the high forties and low fifties make fishing in the morning a must.  We have been putting in just before sunrise and have found good success.  Steelhead are here, however, we are working hard to find them.  

Water conditions are good.  The river is clear with good flows coming out of Lost Creek.  With the amount of water we had in the late spring, the flows were able to stay around average during the summer, if not a little higher.  This brought up a number of steelhead in June and those fish are still around.    

We are making multiple drifts through holding water which has resulted in a decent amount of hook-ups and fish brought to the net.  We are seeing more salmon on the redds and the egg pattern will quickly become the fly of choice.  

On the swing we have been skating first thing in the morning and then switching to sink tips once the sun is up.  Smaller tradtitional flies and small profile intruder type flies are the go to right now.  Multi-density heads are a good thing to have in your bag to go along with a sink-tip for the deep runs in the afternoon.

While weather conditions have made it tough, we are still very much into steelhead.  Working the entire run and not being afraid to row back up and drift again multiple times along with holding the boat in place have brought us fish.  The opportunites are there, putting in the effort and being patient will do the rest.

I still have select dates in October.  November is open.  Come up to the Rogue for your chance at putting summer run steelhead in the net. 

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