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Lower Sac: , by Kevin Kay: Wind Forecast? Wrong!: 3 stars

Tom and Judy make the trek from Reno to fish with me in October but wanted to try sprIng fishing for a different experience.  i always check the wind forecast (wind is not our friend) and it showed 10-15 mph in the morning, starting to taper off around noon.  Wrong!  It blew hard all day long, I would guess it was at least 20 mph gusting up to maybe 30 mph at times.  That makes rowing, casting, mending, and getting a good drift very difficult!  It took a few hours to hook our first fish and it was a..........squawfish.  We finally strarted getting into trout around lunchtime and found some spots that saved our (my) bacon with multiple hookups.  The hours between noon and three fished great, and then there was a hard shutdown.  Slow morning and late afternoon with a great midday make for a good day overall.  At least it was a downriver wind.  Otherwise I'd still be out there rowing.

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