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Trinity River: , by Luke Geraty: Rain & Steelhead Go Together!: 4 stars

We've been begging and praying for some rain lately and this week, we got it. John and Rick times things pretty well and came over to Lewiston from Reno to roll the dice and take their chances chasing one of the most challenging trout species known to fly anglers -- the fish-of-a-thousand-casts (and ten million mends). Well their gamble paid off and we not only HOOKED some of those beautiful metal faces, we landed some! Early in the morning John managed to hook a nice adult but it quickly came unbuttoned and then a few minutes later he had a grab on the swing. We shook the pain of losing both of those fish and kept at it. And it rained, and rained some more. Later in the day, Rick hooked a really nice buck that jumped a lot, made a bunch of powerful runs, and even tried to bury himself in a log jam... but Rick persevered and fought that fish hard and we put it in the net for a quick lift, photo, and safe release. This particular fish, from the hatchery, sure had a LOT of color! By the end of the day we had landed a couple half pounders and had a great time despite being soaking wet. It was miserably awesome!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's river report for our day on the Lower Sac! We're going to go chase some of those big 'bows and give Rick and John their first opportunity to fish one of the best local trout rivers we got!

A gorgeous Trinity River steelhead
A gorgeous Trinity River steelhead
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