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Lower Sac: , by Brian Kohlman: 3 stars

Kevin Kay, Luke Geraty, and I worked together with a really fun group from Napa. This was an Eagle Canyon – Lower Sac Combo trip. As usual, our guest’s “perspective” on what qualifies as a really nice fish are significantly skewed after they spent the day fighting the brutes at Eagle Canyon! I had a really great time with my guests Robin and Paul. As has been the recent norm, the fish have been pretty tight-lipped in the mornings, but the grab starts heating up by late-morning. Before lunch, both Robin and Paul had hooked into a handful of nice fish – including Robin’s really big sucker (picture not allowed)! After lunch, things really heated up and we ended up hooking quite a few fish. The majority of our fish were the typical cookie-cutter (12”-14”), but we landed a handful in the 16” range and Paul landed a fatty in the 18”-19” range!  The boat pressure is very light this time of year, so if you’re willing to work hard - you will be rewarded with some really nice fish!

Paul with a nice one
Paul with a nice one
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