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Trinity River: , by Drew Griffith: Trinity fishing well: 3 stars

After spending a little over a week in Oregon I was eager to get back up to the Trinity for a shot at some late fall steelhead. With flows down to around 300-350 wading was a dream. One thing I have noticed is how much the lower river has filled in over the last few years. Some of my favorite spots have lost a lot of the definition that I remember from previous seasons. I guess that's what happens when winter rain storms don't pack the same punch they used to? After months of blocked off access Big Rock is finally open to the public in Willow Creek. It didn't take too long before I'd released a few half pounders down low. Heading further up river through the gorge I found myself a nice peice of shadow water that reminded me of what the Trinity can be like when the fishing is good. Two adults to hand and a slew of half pounders later I was all smiles as I drove the winding road back home to the coast. I would say that the Trinity is as good a bet as any for anyone looking to catch the last bit of fall steelhead fishing in Northern California. We had a welcome shot of rain last night and into today on the coast and looking ahead into next week it's looking like there's more on the way. Hopefully we'll see our first decent storm sometime between now and Thanksgiving to kick off the beginning of winter steelhead season. Stay tuned...

A healthy wild Trinity hen that fell for the moss back.
A healthy wild Trinity hen that fell for the moss back.
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