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Klamath Basin: , by Dylan Woodrum: Klamath Basin Report: 3 stars

Klamath Basin Fishing Report 5/4

None-Residents can fish and hunt in Oregon again beginning May 5th!


Southern Oregon fishing is back on baby!!! 


We have been hitting the lake hard this spring with great results. Klamath Lake temperatures are in the mid to upper 50's and fish are feeding aggressively. After the long haul of winter isolation the redband of Klamath Lake are making up for lost time by savagely attacking minnow and leech patterns that cross their path. Fishing will remain hot for the rest of May on the main lake. I would suggest focusing your time along Eagle Ridge for the remainder of May.  Starting in June many trout will make their way into Rocky Point (Pelican Bay) and the mouth of the Wood River where fish should be stacking up in the cool water. Try targeting these fish with a full sink intermediate line with leech or Damsel patterns. With the right wind chop, a Balanced Leech is always a good bet! Historically, this is an amazing time for world class still-water fishing. 


The Williamson River opens May 22nd. May and early June, Redband will be found in the riffles gorging themselves on sucker eggs and golden stone nymphs. Because of the mild Winter and Spring I am expecting lake temperatures to rise quickly this year sparking the yearly migration of redbands up the Williamson River 2-3 weeks earlier than usual. Many years the best fishing on the Williamson doesn't begin until the end of June. This year is bound to be an exception. Fishing on the Williamson should be great from opener to close! 


May/June - Bring your nymph game! Golden Stones, princes and copper johns in sized 12-16. Try swinging size 8 seal buggers and damsels 


Hex Hatch - The Hex hatch on the Williamson River typically starts the first week of June and runs through mid July. 


The Wood River is currently open. Floats from Weed Road to Petric Park have been producing Brown Trout taken on Balanced leeches and nymphs. A sink tip with your favorite Kelly Galloup streamer swung under cut banks will net the largest Brown Trout on the Wood River this time of year. This fishery only gets better as we come into summer.  

By nature, humans are not meant to be cooped up inside! We have lived through some extraordinary times as of late, and I think now more than ever we need to get outside and lose ourselves. There is no better place to get a little peace of mind and normalcy than the Klamath Basin. 


Stay safe,
Dylan Woodrum 

Klamath Lake Redband
Klamath Lake Redband
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