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Fall River: , by Dax Messett: Much love for the Fall River Valley: 4 stars

I’m back down in the Fall River Valley this week. Confluence Outfitters has a lot of history here, and I love coming back to this magical Valley a few weeks a year. I love technical spring creek angling, and there are few other places that compare to Fall River to hone in and test your skills. This is where your casting, presentation, and feeding line skills will eventually be rewarded with one of most superb strains of wild rainbow trout on the planet. Please respect the history and culture of the river, and refrain from drift boat style angling here, you can do that everywhere else and it’s totally fine. Keep Fall River special.

The Hex hatch is in full swing, but is dependent on conditions. On windy and cooler nights, it doesn’t happen. But when it does, it’s been epic. It’s been starting around about 9:15. During the day there are some sporadic hatches of the usual mayflies, and some epic Caddis hatches on the upper river ion warmer evenings. Lots of fish up high, but they are spreading out nicely throughout the system.

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