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Northern California: , by Mat Squillante: Shad, Bass and Trout: 3 stars

Our guides have been on Lake Shasta, the Lower Sac, Fall River, Hat Creek and the Upper Sac in the last few weeks. They've been chasing bass, shad and trout with clients looking to enjoy the spring weather and fishing. If you like chasing gorgeous wild fish, in crystal clear water, surrounded by a spectacular setting, while throwing monster dry flies, it's Hex time on Fall River. Now's the time to book Mike or Colin. These are very special trips you won't regret booking. 

Flows have been up and down on the Lower Sac and the trout fishing has corresponded. What trout haven't offered lately, shad have made up for. They're definitely in and are less affected by the changes. These little tarpon fight like hell and don't disappoint. Lake Shasta provided some fun, low key float and fly action for spotted bass as the spring bite winds down a bit. Hat Creek's been fishing well for several months and the Upper Sac flows are dropping, which means it's coming into shape. The weather's perfect and the fishing is good. 

TIP: If you're newer to fly fishing and intimidated by what seems like a confusing mess of fly choices, understand that the majority of flies imitate just three insects; mayflies, caddis and stoneflies. It's not an overly complex puzzle, you just need a little time and help to identify what's-what and to start making informed fly selections. 

Fishing Report Image
Fishing Report Image
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