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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Grabby mid-day on the Lower Sac: 3 stars

Erik and his son Max came up to fish the Lower Sac and we had a good mid-morning to early afternoon. The flows were right around 6,000cfs and though there wasn't a lot of bug action throughout the day, the fish were pretty grabby between 10am and about 1:30pm. This was their first Lower Sac float trip and they both landed some nice wild trout and had a decent amount of grabs. Max learned quickly that you got to set the hook quickly and though we lose a few fish and missed a few fish, a lot of fun was had! The flows are about to spike up to 11,000cfs tonight and it's gonna be a few days before the river fishes good again, a lot of us are very anxious for the caddis to start popping off in larger numbers, which is usually when I like to start doing half day afternoon/evening floats. We did see a few PMD's throughout the day and most of our fish were caught on mayfly immitations... but definitely not a lot of bugs around on the surface or any hatches of note. Still a super fun day and was very fun! I think Max is hooked and he loved the constant action and attention involved in fly fishing! 

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