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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Opening Week at Sundial Bridge: 5 stars

Well the infamous re-opening of the top section of the Lower Sac took place and, as expected, kicked out some MASSIVE trout. I had a chance to go out and fish with a buddy and we crushed 'em on caddis, caddis, and more caddis. Did I mention caddis? There was a lot of boat traffic but the fishing was so good it didn't seem to really matter. I also landed my personal best trout, which was pretty cool considering I'm normally netting people's fish and watching them get their PBs! Whether you're doing a full day or a half day, the top section boasts large fish and traffic. But there's also another 40 miles or so to fish, so it's not like you just have to pound the top... although that can be fun when they are eating!

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