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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: The Sundial Lives Up: 4 stars

Steve and Gary came up to fish the Lower Sac and we decided to concentrate our focus on the section of river that closes on April 1 until July 31. We were searching for big fish and by the end of the trip, the river did not disappoint! The first day was somewhat scratchy and we though we got some good fish in the net, it was by no means fantastic fishing. I think the cold front was still affecting the bugs and we were just drifting flies hoping for a grab. Nothing spectacular on day one. Day two, however, was a totally different story. The afternoon completely turned around and we ended up hooking so many fish we lost count. We did something like fifteen drifts in a row and hooked at least one fish on every single one of those drifts. It was like Disney land... over and over again on the ride we call the Lower Sac. The flies really didn't seem to matter as it was a mayfly / midge fest and by the end of the day, we were on cloud nine. What a difference a day can make! With the weather warming up and the bug activity to follow, the Lower Sac is going to just get better and better and we have nearly 45 miles of river to fish, so let's go! April and May are two of our favorite months!

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