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Lower Sac: , by Luke Geraty: Cold & Rainy on the Lower Sac: 2 stars

Chuck and I had a couple days on the Lower Sac in the middle of some rough weather. It was cold and rained a LOT, but we were committed to chasing after some Lower Sac rainbows. Our first day was the worst weather and I think I pumped water out of my boat around five different times. We fished hard and despite using every fly known to man, the fishing was slow throughout most of the day with just a few periods of "Hey, they are turned on." I'm not sure if the cold front put the fish off or what, but we still had a good time and did our best to get 'em. It was weird how there was a "peak" bite for about thirty minutes and the rest of the time pretty scratchy. So we regrouped over night and hit the river the next day with high hopes and fished hard again. Despite the fishing being slower than usual, Chuck still put some really nice fish in the net. The second day was a bit better and the fish ate rubber legs, BWO patterns, and eggs. Even when the Sac is slow, it's still a lot of fun because your fishing but also because the fish are such quality fish!

Fishing Report Image
Fishing Report Image
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