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The guide team at Confluence Outfitters has the expertise, local knowledge and versatility to make your next fly fishing trip in northern California or southern Oregon a trip to remember! Our diverse guide staff can deliver a trip tailored to your interests on one or more of our local fisheries at any time of year.

We guide the best trout and steelhead destinations in northern California and southern Oregon. The most famous destinations include the Sacramento, Trinity, Klamath, McCloud, Fall River, and the Rogue River, but there are many more. Many of our guides have multiple decades of experience crafting great fishing experiences for their guests. Read our online reviews and I think you'll agree that our guide team is the best choice for delivering a great day on the water.

Fishing Reports

Lower Sac Fishing Image
March 16, 2023
Lower Sac Report by Luke Geraty

Conditions were bad... real bad. But due to the schedules, we couldn't move to another day. So we gave it our all and did our best to not get skunked. In that regard, Art and Tom were successful.Water is super muddy on the Lower Sac, but I imagine it will bounce back pretty quick. Though we tried EVERYTHING, we only seemed to manage hooking fish on eggs and a black caddis. Didn't see a lot of bugs. Considering how muddy the river was, I'd say that the half dozen fish we managed to hook was a decent measure of some sort of success. Usually it's hard NOT to hook a dozen plus fish on the Sac, it felt like hooking ANY was above expectations. But fishing hard and keeping a positive attitude surely makes a difference... and that we did!I'm sure the rivers around here will be back in order soon and I'm looking forward to hitting it hard this Spring. Now is a good time to be thinking about getting a day on the books because April is some of our finest fishing! Let's go!

Lower Sac Fishing Image
March 6, 2023
Lower Sac Report by Ben Thompson

I spent the last two days on the Lower Sac and fishing was fantastic. My guests caught great numbers of fish, quality fish, and the hatches were absolutely going off in proper spring fashion. There was bwos, pmds, sallies and midges hatching throughout different parts of each day and the fish were on the chew. We saw some rain, some wind and some hail but it did not negatively affect the fishing. Rain often kick certain hatches into higher gear making the fishing even better. We have some more sporatic rain in the forecast for Redding but most days it just here and there, most days are just scattered showers and some overcast and some sun. 

Feather River Fishing Image
February 27, 2023
Feather River Report by Ben Thompson

Had a fun day out on the Feather with these two. From the first cast to the last we had a ton of action all day. Tons of smaller fish were chewing with a few bigger ones in the mix. The rains have pushed up a bunch of early spring fish and it should only go uphill from here. We have a perfect break in the rain this Thursday and Friday the 2nd and 3rd and they will be great options to get out there. For the next few months fish will be grabby on the swing which makes for a fun swing trip or a nymph/swing combo trip.

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