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Trust Your Next Fly Fishing Trip to Us!

The guide team at Confluence Outfitters has the expertise, local knowledge and versatility to make your next fly fishing trip in northern California or southern Oregon a trip to remember! Our diverse guide staff can deliver a trip tailored to your interests on one or more of our local fisheries at any time of year.

We guide the best trout and steelhead destinations in northern California and southern Oregon. The most famous destinations include the Sacramento, Trinity, Klamath, McCloud, Fall River, and the Rogue River, but there are many more. Many of our guides have multiple decades of experience crafting great fishing experiences for their guests. Read our online reviews and I think you'll agree that our guide team is the best choice for delivering a great day on the water.

Fishing Reports

Lower Sac Fishing Image
May 11, 2021
Lower Sac Report by Kevin Kay

Attention! Due to low water levels in Lake Shasta the Lower Sac is running much higher water temps than usual, I’ve heard around 10 degrees hotter. This is a big deal to fish that are used to living in very cold water year round. We’re trying to land our fish quickly, keep them in the water, and taking plenty of time reviving them. ‘Nuff said. Alan and his son Noah come up and fish with me a couple times a year. The horrid winds of the last four days calmed down somewhat and were fairly tolerable. As has been my experience lately, morning was slow, midday was pretty good, and late afternoon shut off entirely. The fish started off eating PMD nymphs, then switched to rubberlegs. Then I noticed lots of Little Yellow Sally stoneflies popping off, put on that fly, and bingo! Funny how that works......In the end Father and Son had a good day on the river, catching native rainbow trout in a a beautiful setting. And it was only 95 degrees!

Lower Sac Fishing Image
May 10, 2021
Lower Sac Report by Brian Kohlman

What a day it was for my guest Susan! The wind was a challenge, but her hard work paid off with a lot of great hook-ups. The grab started right away and stayed pretty consistent until mid-afternoon with most of our fish on PMD nymph’s. Susan landed quite a few really nice fish throughout the day and by the end, said today was her best day of fishing ever! Reach out to us at if you’re interested in booking a trip! 

Lower Sac Fishing Image
May 7, 2021
Lower Sac Report by Luke Geraty

I usually reserve the phrase "red hot" for the Fall, speciifcally most days in October. But today was one for the books. Kevin Kay and I floated down by Anderson and below and it was on fire... fiiiyyyaaaa! When we got started there were bugs everywhere (caddis, mayflies, & crane flies). I immediately hooked a nice healthy fish on a rubber legs in some fast water and the day was off to the races. Between 10am and 3pm, the fishing was pretty much nonstop with just a few short lulls inbetween. We hooked and landed dozens of big lower Sacramento River 'bows, with our largest fish being just a hair over 18 inches and most being around 15 to 16 inches (cookie cutters). When I say that most were caught on a rubber legs, I mean to suggest that only three fish were caught on anything else... and trust me, we were trying to catch 'em on caddis! I should add that we also saw a few golden stones through out the day, but didn't hook any fish on the yellow sally flies. I like the UV Sally, so I'll be sure to keep using them because on certain days, yellow stoneflies crush. While we were out and out, we sent out the drone to get some footage (we'll have a river report up soon on YouTube) and nervously watched a band of turkey vultures chasing it a bit. Anyway, one thing is for sure... northern California has some of the most beautiful scenery and amazing trout fishing in the western United States. I'm blessed to have such a great "office." Book a trip today... you won't be sorry! 

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