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Lower Sac Spey Trips

Traditional Trout Fishing with a Twist
  • An angler swings a run on the Lower Sac
    Big Water Flows on the Lower Sac range from 2500cfs to 15000cfs throughout the season. If we're swinging flies we can always find water to fish.
  • Lower Sac trout caught on a spey rod
    Wild Rainbow Trout We catch a lot of small and medium sized rainbows with our spey rods on the Lower Sac and occasionally a larger fish in the 18"+ range. In the fall and winter we hook some adult steelhead, too.
  • Jet Boat Spey trips on the Lower Sac
    Jet Boat Trips We typically use jet boats when we're doing spey trips on the Lower Sac. The jet boat allows us to fish the absolute best water types for swinging flies with our spey rods.
  • Wet Wading the Lower Sac
    Summer wet-wading The dog days of summer are a great time to swing flies on the Lower Sac. Wet wading is ideal during hot summer afternoons.
  • Gearing up at the jet boat on the Lower Sac
    Gearing up Our jet boats offer tons of room for rigging up. They're the perfect taxi-cab for getting you from one prime spot to another.
  • Fishing a spey rod on the Lower Sac
    Lightweight Rods We primarily fish 4 and 5wt spey rods on the Lower Sac. These rods can cast out 70+ feet but still make a 16" rainbow feel big.
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Some folks have a misconception that the only way to catch trout on the Lower Sacramento River is with a bobber. While most of the guides here fish nymphs and indicators almost exclusively (and for good reason - it puts a lot of fish in the net!), there are other ways to catch fish on the Lower Sac. One of our favorite ways to do it is with a lightweight spey rod. The spey rod forces us to get out of the boat and wade. You get to feel the grab and enjoy the scenery as you work through a run. We can also keep our eyes peeled for dry fly opportunities while we're swinging. These trips are a lot of fun. If you enjoy swinging flies for trout, book Andrew Harris, Randy Hamann or Brian Kohlman for a jet boat trip on the Lower Sac.

Recent Lower Sac Fishing Reports
8/17/17 by Brian Kohlman: I had the opportunity to take my jet boat out today with my very good client Dick.  Instead of fishing an indicator rig, he wanted to use his two-handed rod to swing for trout.  Other than the two salmon boats we saw this morning, we had the river to ourselves and were able to methodically fish some great runs.  We wet waded all day, so we were very comforatable as the temps reached 107 this afternoon.  The fish weren't super grabby, but Dick had some bumps and landed a nice Lower Sac rainbow on the swing!  Booking a Lower Sac Spey trip is a great way to spend the day on the river and refamiliarize yourself with your two-handed rod!  Fall is just around the corner - and so is steelhead season! 
8/4/17 by Brian Kohlman: The good news is there didn't seem to be as many boats out today compared to Tuesday and Wednesday and the fish were much grabbier for us today. We had consistent hook-ups all day and both landed some really quality fish! We're in store for a slight cooling trend and the really hot weather will be ending soon and the egg bite will be here before we know! 
8/2/17 by Brian Kohlman: I was looking forward to fishing Greg and Drew on the newly reopened upper section - but it didn't fish as well as it had the past two years.  Typically, more fish are hooked above the Hwy-44 Bridge than below, but we actully hooked more below Hwy-44.  Greg and Drew landed some very nice fish and hooked several others, but I was disapointed.  The river was crowded, and I expect that to last for another week or two.  I'm not really sure why the fish are so tight-lipped - but I'm looking forward to giving it another try on Friday! 
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Lower Sac Guide Availability
Aug 19: Brian Kohlman
Aug 19: Sam Robinett
Aug 20: Brian Kohlman
Aug 20: Sam Robinett
Aug 20: Tyler Lee
Aug 21: Brian Kohlman
Aug 21: Sam Robinett
Aug 21: Tyler Lee
Aug 22: Sam Robinett
Aug 23: Sam Robinett
Aug 24: Sam Robinett
Aug 24: Tyler Lee
Aug 25: Sam Robinett
Aug 25: Tyler Lee
Aug 26: Sam Robinett
Aug 26: Tyler Lee
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Gear Recommendations for the Lower Sac
Rods & Lines: We prefer 4 and 5wt spey rods for the Lower Sac. Heavier rods are okay, but they may not be over-matched for the size of the fish. Lightweight switch rods are good too. Bring a line that matches your rod. Scandi lines paired with versi-leaders work very well on the Lower Sac. Some of stiffer 5wt rods can throw a skagit line with a MOW tip fairly well. This is a good setup for getting closer to the bottom.
Leaders & Tippet: We typically fish 2X-4X tippet for trout on the Lower Sac. Regular 9ft trout leaders tapered to 2X work really well.
Waders & Boots: Chest-high breathable waders are the best choice for the Lower Sac. In the middle of summer it's nice to wet wade in the afternoon. Wading pants can also work when it's hot out. Spiked boots aren't necessary on the Lower Sac.
• Fox's Poopah, tan, 14
• Mercer's Micro Mayfly, all colors, size 14-18
• Hogan's Spring Fling Caddis Pupa, 16
• Morrish's Hotwire Caddis, Olive & Chartreuse, 16
• Amber Prince, 12-18
• Copper John, Black, 12-18
• Mercer's BH Epoxy Golden Stone, 10-14
• Hogan's S&M Nymph, Olive, 16
• Pettis's Unreal Egg, Steelhead Orange, 12
• Glo Bugs, all colors, size 8-10
• Parachute Adams, 14-18
• Spundun, PMD, 16
• March Brown, 14-16 (February-April)
• Cutter's E/C Caddis, Olive 16-18
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