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The Fall River

Spring Creek Fishing at its Finest
  • Releasing a Fall River rainbow
    Gin Clear Spring-Fed Water Fall River is fed by crystal-clear springs. The clarity of the river means we have plenty of sight-fishing opportunities to fish feeding on and below the surface.
  • Big Fall River Trout
    Big Wild Rainbow Trout The Fall River is an excellent place to hook into an 18" or larger rainbow trout. We catch fish of all sizes on dries, nymphs, and streamers. It's common to fish all three techniques in a single day.
  • Hex Mayfly on Fall River
    Fall River Hex Hatch The Hex Hatch is one of the most popular hatches on Fall River. These giant mayflies hatch right at dusk and the rainbow trout usually go wild. Mid-June through the end of July is prime-time.
  • We use boats on Fall River
    Fall River is boat-only Due to private land and a mucky bottom, Fall River can only be fished by boat. Our guides all have dedicated Fall River boats parked in slips right on the river.
  • A callibaetis mayfly from Fall River
    Spring Creek Hatches This is a callibaetis mayfly, one of the most prolific mayflies on the Fall River. Other big mayfly hatches on Fall River include PMDs, baetis, hexagenia, and tricos.
  • Fishing in the shadow of Mt. Shasta
    Great Views of Mt Shasta Mt. Shasta can be viewed from any point on Fall River. It's a great backdrop for a day of spring creek fishing.
  • A great sunset during the Hex Hatch
    Hex Hatch Sunset The best thing about going out for an evening hex hatch, other than the fishing, is viewing a fantastic sunset over Mt. Shasta.
  • The low bridges keep big boats out
    Get ready to duck! Several low-clearance bridges on Fall River limit the access to small jonboats, canoes, and kayaks.
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The Fall River is one of the finest spring creeks in the West. It shares many of the traits that make the Henry┬┤s Fork and Silver Creek famous: predictable hatches, crystal clear water, steady flows and water temperature, sight fishing opportunities, and large trout that feed on small bugs. However, the access to Fall River is very restricted. It is only fished from boats, specifically flat-bottomed prams fitted with electric motors and/or small gas engines. Fishing from the boat allows anglers to make deadly downstream drifts to visibly feeding fish.

Recent Fall River Fishing Reports
8/10/17 by Andrew Harris: Here is a report from our guest Steve who fished Fall River with guide Art Teter on Thursday:"My wife and and I had a great day on the Fall River...  all that a 72 year old Veteran could ask for.Art Teter was a very good / helpful and friendly guide. We caught lots of smaller fish and one 23"+ rainbow."Great fish, Steve! 
7/9/17 by Andrew Harris: I spent the last few days on Fall River.  The hex hatch is good if not a little on the heavy side.  There were plenty of fish working the surface from about 8:50pm until dusk, but sometimes so many bugs that our chances at a grab were limited.  Most hex fish are in the 16-21" range and put up a great fight.Daytime fishing on Fall River is up and down.  We had a very difficult day on Saturday and then a pretty good day on Sunday.  You have to keep moving to find fish, and some of the fish in big pods aren't very interested in eating.  Go around the next bend, though, and it can be a whole other story.  On Sunday we landed quite a few fat rainbows in the 17-19" range, all on nymphs.  My clients Frank and Doug had a double where they landed matching 18" rainbows.  We were able to do some sight-nymphing on the shallow shelfs and weedbed edges and we caught plenty of fish on blind casts, too.  There is a smorgasbord of PMD and callibaetis duns and spinners, some trico spinners, damsels, and water boatmen on the surface during the morning and mid-day timeframe.
6/26/17 by Dax Messett: After a week on a remote island near the equator, I came to a truly hot climate here in the Fall River valley.  The hex hatch has been a little erratic, but worth the effort.  It is starting late, around 9:20.  Many of the fish have been tight to the banks, so you actually need to cast to these fish to get the big grabs.  As always, opportunities to catch large fish are there, Bob from Chicago landed a fat one over 20 inches last night.  Daytime fishing on Fall is a bit scratchy and hot...The Mac is fishing decent, with some lingering salmonflies around and some mayfly hatches in the afternoon, especially when clouds are around.  Dry dropper rig and covering water will work very well, Fish the shady spots in the afternoon, or nymph the deeper buckets and pools, or get out of the agonizing sun and nap until it cools off!
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Visit our Fall River Fishing Report page to view more reports!
Fall River Guide Availability
Jul 17: Dax Messett
Jul 18: Dax Messett
Jul 19: Dax Messett
Jul 20: Dax Messett
Jul 21: Dax Messett
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The Hex Hatch on Fall River
The hex hatch is one of the most popular events during the season on Fall River. It starts in mid-June and goes through the end of July. Hexes hatch right at dusk, often waiting until 9pm to emerge. During hex season, we typically do a split-day program. We fish in the morning from 8:30am to 2pm or so and then meet again after dinner for the hex hatch. Sometimes we'll even do the morning session on the Pit, McCloud, Burney Creek, or Hat Creek, then finish off the day with the hex hatch.
Gear Recommendations for the Fall River
Rods, Reels & Lines: Four, five, and six-weight nine-foot rods are ideal on Fall River. We typically have two rods rigged at all times, one with a floating line and another with a sinking line. Four- and five-weights are perfect for dry fly fishing. Five weights are ideal for nymphing. Five- and six-weight rods are great for sinking lines. We use clear intermediate sinking lines (also called sly lines) and full-sink fly lines on Fall River on a daily basis.
Leaders, Tippet & Indicators: We frequently use 6X and 7X tippet on Fall River. Come prepared with 9' 6X leaders for dry fly fishing and 7.5' 5X leaders for nymphing. We prefer "Corkie" indicators in the 1/2inch size for Fall River. We use split shot in sizes 6, 4, and 1 on Fall River.
Waders & Boots: All fishing on Fall River is done from boats. Waders and boots are not necessary. Sometimes we bring waders if it looks like rain is possible.
Hatches & Seasons
Fall River is open from the last Saturday in April through November 15. Some of the most popular hatches include the PMD, Hex, and Callibaetis.
Fall River Hatch Chart
• Mercer's Micro Mayfly, all colors, size 14-18
• Hogan's S&M Nymph, Olive, 16
• HBI, 16-18
• Pheasant Tail, curved shank, 16-20
• Pheasant Tail, straight shank, 16-20
• Zug Bug, 16-18
• Parachute Adams, 14-18
• PMD parachute, 14-20
• PMD spinner, olive, 16-18
• Quigley Cripple, olive, 16-18
• Comparadun, olive, 16-18
Hex Dries:
• Water's Foam Hex, 6
• Quigley's Hex Paradrake, 6
• Nealley's Hex Adult, 6
• Umpqua Hex Crippler, 6
• GB Hale Bopp Leech, all colors, 8
• Glass Bead Gee Leeches, dark colors, 8
• Rickard's Seal Buggers, all colors, 8
Sample Itinerary
Meeting Time & Place: We typically meet our clients at their lodge or hotel at 8:30am. On some trips we may arrange to meet at the CalTrout public access.
Vehicle Considerations: We typically have our clients ride with us in our vehicles. However, be prepared to follow us in your own vehicle.
Wading difficulty: All fishing on Fall River is done from boats. We use small flat-bottomed boats with electric motors and small gas engines. No waders are necessary.
Multiple Fisheries in one Day: Although Fall River is close to Hat Creek and the Pit River, we usually spend all day on Fall River. Occasionally we will fish Fall River until 2pm and then hit another destination in the afternoon. Sometimes we might even start at Hat Creek fishing the trico spinner fall and then head over to Fall River.
Length of the Day: Most full days conclude around 5:30pm. Half days end around 12:30pm. On many full days we take a break around 2pm and reconvene around 7pm to fish the evening hatch, especially during the Hex hatch.
Lodging & Travel Info
Please visit our Fall River Mills page for hotel and restaurant recommendations and ideas about other things to see and do while you're in the Fall River Valley!
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