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The Yuba River

Year-round Tailwater Trout Fishing
  • Drift Boating on the Yuba River
    Drift Boat Trips We offer full-day drift boat trips on the Yuba River. Our clients have the option of fishing from the boat all day or getting out and wade fishing for part of the day.
  • Wade fishing the Yuba River
    Excellent Wade Fishing The Yuba River has excellent wade fishing opportunities. Our guides frequently get our clients out of the boat to cast nymphs and dries to the Yuba's wild trout.
  • A wild rainbow from the Yuba River
    Wild Fish Only The Yuba River is a wild trout fishery. It has a self-sustaining population of wild rainbows that are known for their hard-fighting nature and propensity for eating dry flies.
  • Englebright Dam on the Yuba River
    Tailwater Trout Fishing The Lower Yuba River begins at the base of Englebright Dam. Being a tailwater fishery, the Yuba has fairly steady flows and temperatures throughout the year, making it a great habitat for aquatic insects and trout.
  • Highway 20 Bridge on the Yuba River
    Our floats start at Highway 20 Our Yuba River drift boat trips begin at the Highway 20 Bridge and end at the gun club at DaGuerre Dam. This 7 mile float provides many opportunities at quality wild trout every day.
  • Skwala stonefly from the Yuba River
    Excellent Hatches The Yuba is known for excellent hatches and for trout that are tuned in to surface activity. Some of the best hatches include the skwala stonefly, march browns, PMDs, and summer terrestrials.
  • Yuba River Rainbow Trout
    Big Wild Rainbows Typical rainbows on the Yuba are in the 10-14" range. Most days offer chances at 18"+ fish, and there are plenty of 20"+ fish in the river.
  • A view of the Yuba River
    Great Trout Habitat The Yuba River has many productive water types, including riffles, runs, back-eddies, and side channels.
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The Yuba River is one of California's premier wild trout fisheries. Being a tailwater stream, the regulated flow and temperature of the river make for excellent trout habitat year-round. The river has several well-known hatches, including the skwala stonefly, march brown mayfly, and summer grasshoppers. Yuba River trout are hard-fighting fish that are prized for their willingness to rise to a dry fly.

This popular fly fishing destination is located just an hour from Sacramento and within 3 hours of the Bay Area. Our Yuba River guide trips begin at the Highway 20 Bridge and end at the gun club at Daguerre Dam, about 7 miles downstream. This part of the river is open year-round and excellent fishing can be had at any time of year. Every trip offers our guests numerous opportunities at quality wild rainbow trout.

Recent Yuba River Fishing Reports
10/15/16 by Mike Wright: I guided Tom and his grandson Collin on the Yuba river. We stayed ahead of the bad weather all day, but the rain the day before had the river a little off color. The guys were new to fly fishing out of a drift boat but both hooked fish with 20 minutes, Collin getting his to the net. The grab was a little off but we had our chances all day. Collin finished the day with a nice one in the net! Saw a lot more salmon in the river today. With all this new water things could get really good soon. 
10/9/16 by Mike Wright: What a great day on the Yuba with one of my favorite "clients!"  Lots of grabs today and some awesome fights with some very frisky fish!  Lots of air time!  Got a few to the net as well. Good to see the fishing improve on the Yuba. Saw a few salmon, so hopefully things get even better soon. 
5/15/16 by Mike Wright: I spent a great day putting on a clinic for a great bunch of anglers from Nevada on the Yuba RIver.  We spent the morning learning flies and rigging techniques before moving to the water to demonstrate the wide variety of techniques that can be utilized for catching fish on the river.  We then visited multiple access spots around the river discovering the various water that the Yuba presents.  The group was very willing to learn and anxious to give everything a try. We even spent some time throwing the spey rod around.  They did an amazing job all day.  Truly one of the best days I've had teaching on the river.   
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Yuba River Guide Availability
Aug 20: Tyler Lee
Aug 21: Tyler Lee
Aug 24: Tyler Lee
Aug 25: Tyler Lee
Aug 26: Tyler Lee
Aug 27: Tyler Lee
Aug 28: Tyler Lee
Aug 29: Tyler Lee
Aug 30: Tyler Lee
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Sep 16: Tyler Lee
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Gear Recommendations for the Yuba River
Rods, Reels & Lines: Four, five, and six-weight nine-foot rods are ideal on Yuba River. We typically have two rods rigged at all times, one for deep nymphing and another for shallow nymphing and dry fly fishing. Five-weights are perfect for dry fly fishing. Five- and six-weight rods are great for nymphing.
Leaders, Tippet & Indicators: We frequently use tippet from 2X to 5X on the Yuba River. Come prepared with 9' 4X leaders for dry fly fishing and 7.5' 3X leaders for nymphing. We prefer thingamabobber indicators in the 1" size for heavy nymphing and large corkes (5/8") for light nymphing. We use split shot in sizes B, BB, and 3/0.
Waders & Boots: Bring breathable waders with a wading belt and felt boots. Spikes are OK. A wading staff can be a big help, too.
Hatches & Seasons
The Yuba River is open year-round below the Highway 20 bridge. Some of the most popular hatches include the Skwala stonefly, March Brown and PMD mayflies, and summertime terrestrials.
Yuba River Hatch Chart
• Mercer's Micro Mayfly, all colors, size 14-18
• Hogan's S&M Nymph, Olive, 16
• HBI, 16-18
• Pheasant Tail, curved shank, 16-20
• Rubberlegs Stonefly, size 6-8
• Golden Stone, size 8-10
• Prince Nymph, 14-18
• Parachute Adams, 14-18
• PMD parachute, 14-20
• March Brown, 12-14
• Skwala Stone or Olive Stimulator, 10
• Comparadun, olive, 16-18
• Grasshopper patterns, 6-8
Sample Itinerary
Meeting Time & Place: We typically meet our clients at the Browns Valley Chevron at 8am.
Vehicle Considerations: There is no shuttle service on the Yuba, so it is necessary to use our client's vehicle to help with the shuttle.
Wading difficulty: Wading is fairly easy on the Yuba River. Most wading is done on cobble bottoms.
Multiple Fisheries in one Day: We devote an entire day to fishing the Yuba River.
Length of the Day: Most full days conclude around 5:30pm.
Lodging & Travel Info
Plan to stay in Yuba City or Marysville.
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