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This one-page summary shows the most recent report from each destination.
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Klamath River Fishing ReportPosted 5 days ago by Andrew Harris
2 spots left!We still have 2 spots left for the August 14-17 Spey Camp with Gino and Dax.  Check www.speycamp.com for more info.
Fall River Fishing ReportPosted Jul 17 by Randy Hamann
Wild Rainbow's !
I have been guiding and fishing the Fall River over the past two weeks and the fishing has been pretty darn good ! Despite the widespread drought in the West the Fall River remains full to the brim and teaming with fat wild rainbow's. The fishing has mostly consisted of fishing sub surface with nymph's and streamer's, there is the occasional riser but the hatches have been pretty inconsistent. That should change as the summer rolls on, that said the Hex hatch been good and should continue for another week or two.
As many rivers and lakes are drying up, the Fall River will remain an oasis, August, September and October look to be outstanding on the Fall. 
Dan with a nice Bow !
Northern California Fishing ReportPosted Jul 4 by Dax Messett
Klamath Spey Camp, only 2 spots left
Steelhead season is approaching!  Time to bust out the spey rods and swing flies to my favorite species on the planet, Steelhead.  I will be kicking off my season for a few available days on the upper Rogue, then heading to the Lower Klamath to live on the river for a few weeks.  Chrome is on the menu.  
We only have two spots left for our Spey Camp on the Lower Klamath.  They are for our August 14-17 trip.  This will be a really cool, unique trip, and tough to book in the future.  Check out the link for details, and contact me or Gino with any questions.  Live on a river, swing for steelhead, eat and live well.  Life is better on a river, trust me...  
Nothing pulls like a chrome steelhead
Wilderness angling on the Lower Klamath
McCloud River Fishing ReportPosted Jun 29 by Andrew Harris
I fished the McCloud River today with Ross and Nick from Texas.  They are well on their way to their California Heritage Trout Challenge certificates.  The bagged their 4th fish yesterday by catching some McCloud Redbands.  Today we hit both the upper and lower McCloud for some good old Shasta rainbows.  Wet wading was really nice today.  We caught our best fish on a dry fly today but we caught the most on small nymphs fished through the pockets.  The size 6 Chernobyl Ant was popular as an indicator dry, too.  Lots of ladybugs in the air today.  The Nature Conservancy Preserve was a ghost town this afternoon - only three other anglers out.  Not bad for a Sunday in June!
Nick caught this one on a dry
Ross hooked up on a dry-dropper rig
Lower Sac Fishing ReportPosted Jun 26 by Andrew Harris
The river fished a little slow for us today, but we did boat some quality fish throughout the day.  Juan from San Jose had beginner's luck and did most of the damage.  Fish came on a variety of flies, most of them small.
Juan with a nice one
Pit River Fishing ReportPosted Jun 6 by Andrew Harris
I had a great day with clients Dave & Darryl on the Pit River today.  We bashed around Pit 3 and lived to tell the tale.  The trout were really grabby.  Our best action was on a hopper-dropper rig in the shallower pockets.  We had grabs on the dry, but most of the action was on the nymph.
Battle Creek Fishing ReportPosted May 16 by Andrew Harris
I had a fun day on Battle Creek today with clients Dan and Frank.  Fishing was a little slower than usual and the fish were a bit smaller than we're used to.  Our biggest fish was about 10".  Usually there are some 12" fish in the mix.  We had tons of fun dry fly fishing, though.  As usual, there were some pockets that produced ten or more fish on dries.  We had good luck with a size 10 Royal PMX and a size 14 parachute Adams.
Lewiston Lake Fishing ReportPosted Apr 17 by Andrew Harris
WINDI fled the valley floor today to escape the wind but it didn't work.  I took my client Kent from Tehachapi to Lewiston Lake.  We had about an hour of good fishing before lunch when we could spot cruising fish.  Kent caught a couple of nice rainbows before the wind came up.  After that it was whitecap city.  We eventually moved over to the Trinity River where we saw numerous salmonflies, but we couldn't tempt any fish.
posted Apr 9posted Apr 28posted Feb 1posted Feb 12posted Feb 14posted Apr 28
Hosted Travel Fishing ReportPosted Apr 8 by Dax Messett
a few spots left for BC
I have 3 spots open for my annual trip to the ultimate steelhead destination of British Columbia.  Check out the details of this trip on our Hosted Travel link.  If you are a steelheader, you absolutely need to do this trip.  We will be fishing the sacred waters of the lower Skeena system during prime time.  All projections point to a stellar year in BC this year.
I just gave a presentation in Squamish BC at Brian Niska's Cast and Blast.  It was one of the most enjoyable fly fishing industry events I have ever attended.  Canadians are incredible fly tiers and anglers, as well as some of the nicest people you will ever run across on Earth.  Shoot me an e mail if you are interested in the BC Steelhead Experience, one of the finest angling opportunities the world has to offer. 
Eagle Canyon Fishing ReportPosted Apr 5 by Andrew Harris
Here are some photos from our group at Eagle Canyon today.
Trinity River Fishing ReportPosted Mar 13 by Andrew Harris
I spent a really fun hour fishing the Trinity River on my own this afternoon.  The dry fly fishing is pretty good right now.  I landed two fat 16" browns on dries and had a shot at 3 others.  It isn't an easy game, but if you wait and watch you can be rewarded with a shot at a really nice wild trout on a dry fly.  There was a mixed hatch of march browns and caddis today.  The browns were eating both.  Hint of the day: look for the shade!  Prime-time is 1pm to 5pm for action on dries.
posted Mar 8posted Mar 8posted Feb 27posted Mar 8posted Feb 19posted Feb 23
Pacific Northwest Fishing ReportPosted Mar 12 by Dax Messett
Dropping into shape, finally
It was a long first week for me on the famed Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  Like most rivers on the West Coast, everything was blown up here.  Today we finally had fishable conditions, just barely.  Taking advantage of a day off, guide buddy Ryan Davie and I floated one of most beautiful steelhead rivers on the planet on a rare sunny day for the OP.  Ryan landed a stunning, gigantic wild hen in the last run we fished.  If you are only going to catch one, that is THE ONE!
Conditions will be perfect for this upcoming weekend.  I have no available days up here at the moment.  I might open up some days at the end of March and possible April after I get back from British Columbia.  Contact me if you are interested in fishing for the biggest winter steelhead on Earth.
Ryan Davie with a an absolutely gigantic wild hen
Southern Oregon Fishing ReportPosted Mar 5 by Dax Messett
Superb Winter Steelheading on the Southern CoastIt has been an amazing year on the Southern Oregon Coast for the die hard winter steelhead anglers who have put in the time and commitment to the Big Game over the years.  We had so many amazing moments this year on the Coast...what an amazing place.  Conditions were still pretty good when I took off from there a few days ago.  I am now on the Olympic Peninsula, looking at blown out rivers...damn.  Thats the game though, and the rivers here needed some rain.  Conditions should be pretty epic here in a few days.  I have a full calendar here, but might open up a few days at the end of the month before I head to BC.  The game continues...
Bill Shaw from San Diego with a 15lb plus steelhead
Bill Shaw, again, with another all time, insane fish
Wolfman casting under the watchful eye of his best friend
yeah, just another swung up chrome fish a few miles from the ocean
Wolfman hooked up on a lifetime fish
Wolf's absolutely perfect winter specimen
Upper Sac Fishing ReportPosted Jun 17 by Andrew Harris
Golden Stones!
I guided the Upper Sac today.  We sampled three sections of the river, from Pollard Flat up to Dunsmuir.  There were a lot of golden stones flying around in the afternoon.  We got a couple grabs on golden stone dries, but I bet it will be incredible this evening.  The fishing was so-so for us today.  We had to cover a lot of water to get a grab.  We caught a few small to medium-sized rainbows on nymphs.  Water levels are nice and low and the river is highly fishable.
Hooked up on the Upper Sac
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