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The Lower Klamath River

Fresh Steelhead in a Wilderness Setting
  • Klamath River steelhead
    Ocean-fresh steelhead Lower Klamath steelhead are just miles from the ocean and most of them look like silver bullets. These fish fight hard and love to eat traditional steelhead patterns on floating lines.
  • Spey Camp on the Klamath River
    Spey Camp Our signature Lower Klamath offering is our Spey Camp. These are 4-day, 3-night camps dedicated to catching steelhead on spey rods. This is one of the best multi-day river trips in the West. Follow the link for more details.
  • A beautiful swing run on the Klamath
    Endless swing water The Lower Klamath River has one good swing run after another. This is an ideal river for swinging flies with single and two-hand rods.
  • Klamath River Chinook Salmon
    King Salmon There are thousands of king salmon in the Lower Klamath in the summer and fall months. These fish frequently hold where they are easy to reach with a lightweight spey rod.
  • Gino Bernero with his jet boat
    Access via Jet Boat All access to the Lower Klamath is via jet boat. We frequently cover over a dozen miles of river in a day, using the jet boat as a taxi-cab.
  • Spey Casting on the Klamth River
    Spey & Swing Only All of our Lower Klamath trips are spey trips. 5 and 6wt spey rods are perfect for this venue. We occasionally swing flies with single-hand rods as well.
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The Lower Klamath River is one of California's best steelhead fisheries. We target ocean-fresh steelhead starting mid-July and ending in early November. Klamath steelhead are a mix of adult fish from 3 to 12 pounds and half-pounders, juvenile steelhead in the 12-18" size range. We fish for these steelhead primarily with spey rods. One of the great things about the Klamath is that you can do very well with floating lines and small traditional steelhead patterns. We use our jet boats as taxi cabs on the Lower Klamath. All fishing is done while wading.

Recent Klamath River Fishing Reports
10/18/17 by Randy Hamann: The Lower Klamath is fishing fair/good with a mix of 1/2 pounders and adults to 4lbs, I jumped a couple of chrome bright steelhead in the 8-10 lb range in a tailout making there way up river. The mouth of the Klamath is open and fresh Steelhead continue to trickle in, the numbers are down from the average but the pressure on the Lower Klamath is almost nonexistent resulting in some pretty darn good fishing at times ! as well as being some of the best swing water in the Lower 48 !The fishing on the Trinity is similar, a fair number of steelhead, the overall numbers are down but the size is up from typical. The Feds have trapped and released some fairly large Steelhead at the weir in Willow Creek recently.The Swing fishing on the Lower Sac is better then normal for this time of year for wild Rainbow's and a mix of Wild and Hatchery Steelhead. With a lack of Salmon on Red's the fish don't seem to have there typical October tunnel vision of feeding almost exclusevly on Salmon Eggs.
9/22/17 by Randy Hamann: The conditions on the Lower Klamath as are as good as they get right now, the HUGE flows of last Winter have rejuvenated and altered many of the Swing Runs for the better and water quality is good as it gets . The past couple of months the river has seen fresh pushes of adult and 1/2 pounder Steelhead, the numbers don't appear to be huge...but they're there !Angler pressure has been low which at times can lead to some pretty darn good fishing as well as a Great overall angling experience, over the past week we have hooked into, and landed some... Chrome Bright Adult Steelhead and 1/2 pounders as well as Dime Bright Kings, just the right size for a 6 weight Spey Rod.If you are an avid Spey Caster and have never been, you should highly consider a trip to the Lower Klamath, there might be different water elswhere but I would argue that there is no better water !.... and if your a novice or just want to try out Spey casting and Swinging for Steelhead, this is an excelent venue for that as well.My schedule is limited this year but I do still have some available dates...and it's not too soon to plan for next Season , I'll be on the Lower Klamath from early Sept to late October 
9/11/17 by Brian Kohlman: My wife Dava had been interested in learning to spey cast, so I took the smart approach and signed her up for Confluence Outfitter's Spey Camp.  I came along to audit the class so I could better work with my clients during our swing trips - and so I could actually fish on my own for four days!  I brought my jet boat and was able to learn some great swing runs on the lower Klamath.  We will be going back!Gino, Dax, and Leslie did an incredible job and the property is absolutely beautiful!  The food was AMAZING!  I think we both may have gained a pound or two. The course of instruction was loosely structured (no set times), but very effective in the end.  Gino, Dax, and Leslie were able to provide each of the students with a lot of one-on-one instruction throughout the four days.  The Spey Camps are timed around the famed half-pounder run on the Klamath and everyone hooked into fish, some hooked into several!If you have ever wanted to learn to spey cast, or even if you have some experience casting a two-handed rod - I would highly recommend attending next year's Spey Camps! This is great experience if you want to go with a group of buddies, or simply go by yourself.  The friendships Dava and I made during Spey Camp will be long lasting! 
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Klamath River Guide Availability
May 29: Dax Messett
May 30: Dax Messett
May 31: Dax Messett
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Spey Camp
Our Lower Klamath River Spey Camp is a unique angling experience. We target chrome bright steelhead just entering the river system mere miles from the saltwater on the beautiful Lower Klamath. Elite spey casting instruction and steelhead angling techniques are the focus, along with the unique experience of camping in a very cool, remote place. Expect excellent food, superb instruction, and a full camp already set up for you. You can just show up with your sleeping bag, fishing license and waders, we will have everything else you need to enjoy 3 nights on the river! We will pick you up in Klamath Glen in the jet boat, and take you to your new home on the river. This experience is great for spey casters and anglers of all ability and experience levels. Whether beginner or expert, you will learn something regardless of angling ability level and enjoy a great camping experience on the river. You will have access to an amazing amount of perfect Klamath spey water and a jet boat at your disposal, targeting both half pounders and adult chrome steelhead. For more information, please visit
Gear Recommendations for the Lower Klamath River
Rods, Reels & Lines: Five and six weight spey rods are best on the Klamath, but heavier rods will work too. Bring scandi lines and versi-leaders and skagit lines with MOW tips.
Leaders & Tippet: Bring 8 and 10# Maxima plus some 10ft 8# steelhead leaders.
Waders & Boots: We use chest-high breathable waders on the Klamath. Spiked wading boots are not necessary. Make sure to bring your own wading belt. Wet wading is also a good option during warm weather.
The Lower Klamath River is open year-round. We target steelhead on the Lower Klamath from mid-July through early November.
• Silver Hilton, 6
• Carey Special, 6
• Green Butt Skunk, 6
• Hoh Bo Spey, 4
• Perpetrator, 6
Lodging Options
Option 1 - Day Trips: We can take you out on a day trip on the Lower Klamath. There is a Holiday Inn Express in Klamath. Your guide can meet you there the morning of your trip.
Option 2 - Spey Camp: We offer scheduled Spey Camps for groups of up to 6 anglers from mid-July through October. These are 4-day, 3-night camp trips. We provide the food, instruction, tents, cots, and transportation from Klamath Glen. For more information, please visit
Option 3 - Overnight at Rivers West Lodge: Rivers West Lodge is accessible only by boat and is located about 15 miles upstream from the mouth of the Klamath River. Gino Bernero and Randy Hamann both offer trips to Rivers West Lodge. Rivers West charges $175 per person per night for lodging and 3 meals a day. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights. All of our Rivers West trips start with a PM half-day. We pick you up around 2pm at Klamath Glen and fish our way up to the lodge. You can stay two or more nights, and then we finish up with a morning half-day ending around 11am back at Klamath Glen. The pricing for the guiding component of a 2-night trip at Rivers West is the same as 2 full days of guiding.
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